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Management Supervisor / Management Support
Han-Ra Kim
Jenax is a company invested in the career growth of its employees. Through the company’s support, I was able to take accounting classes and now I am on my way of receiving my certification. Additionally, I am attending educational conferences and workshops to build the skillset I need for my growth.

Typical Korean companies are all too familiar with instructions and performance under a hierarchal structure. Therefore it’s not easy for employees to collaborate and be produce something together. But Jenax’s corporate culture is outward-looking and encourages an open environment regardless of title or position. Employees are able to suggest opinions on topics about the company's strategy, vision, outlook, future, etc. Even if the ideas and suggestions are not feasible, far-stretched, and does not match the company's stance, Jenax encourages them to refine their ideas.

Being under this company culture, my opinions are reflected in the work, my vision has become the company's vision and my attitude is always great. I am also able to have a better understanding of other departments and make more various opinions.
Coordinator / Production Management
Min-Kyung Jeong
When I first joined Jenax 7 years ago, I was the only woman in the factory working with all male colleagues. I was initially worried if I could adjust within the company but I quickly learned that everyone was very encouraging. During hard times, my colleagues held me up like they were my own family and friends and eventually that shaped me to who I am today. The work environment at Jenax allowed me to be the best that I can be in my field and make it this far without making any serious mistakes.

The Jenax family is very genuine and sincere. It really is like a big family. Whether there are good or bad things going on in our personal lives, they have been there for me to celebrate or console me like a real family member. I think that is very important to have at your workplace, especially since you spend a good portion of your day here. The employee turnover rate is very low at Jenax, which is a great reflection of the company. I am able to easily bond with others and I realized I could develop myself further and learn a lot in this environment.

The company is currently changing every day. I have no doubt that I will continue to develop within this change. I will endeavor even harder to help the company progress in these changing times. For Jenax, and for myself.
Assistant Manager / Sales
Ji-Eun Sim
Prior to joining Jenax, there were some prayer requests that I had while job searching:

  1. I wanted to meet a CEO who prayed, a CEO who managed the company with honesty, a CEO willing to share the gains of company with its employees, a CEO managing a company for the expansion of God’s Kingdom, a CEO that God wanted to bless.

  2. I wanted to meet coworkers that I could share my spiritual life with.

  3. I wanted to develop as an individual within the company through many experiences.

In retrospect, I am working at a place that answered all those prayers. At Jenax, the workday begins with a service, all meetings start and end with prayer, and I have grown to trust God when things don’t go as planned. Currently there are no official prayer meetings at Jenax, but I expect that in the future there will be prayer groups such as QT groups, intercessory prayer groups, and so on. I hope that in these groups we can come together in prayer and that the workplace will not be a dreary place but a source of encouragement and energy. I want to keep developing myself, finding new hidden aptitudes, and generously help all those who join, just as I have received love and help from this family.
Manager / Production Management
Cheong-Ryong Lee
Shine is a company that offers many opportunities. We don’t let people who join remain in hands-on work just because they are in lower positions or lack experience. If an individual has the will and passion, they have various opportunities to gain experience. If you fulfill your responsibilities with a resolute “Yes, I’ll try it!” mentality and passion, it is a place where you can learn and grow your leadership skills by looking through a manager’s viewpoint of diverse task experiences.

Shine is a place of learning. Regardless of position, from the President to the on-site staff, they all share their knowledge and teach you clearly and kindly which becomes a sturdy base for self-development. I have come a long way through the advice and teachings from colleagues who have more experience than I, not only with work but things related to life in general.

Also Shine is not a company that is only about profits. Because I know that Shine is saving the world through dignified ethical management and spreading the gospel, I have come to think of it as my workplace and my future. The gospel that we read every day and the words of the pastor builds up to create sound minds and hearts in each of the individuals who work here. I think that this soundness is the base that allows our Shine family to become one and have steady lives within the company.
Staff / Production Management
Ho-Jin Yoon
There is a corporate campaign, “saranghapnida” that I personally participate in with enthusiasm. It is a campaign where you show your love to your parents or spouse at least once a day. There is even a bonus for those who give a lot of effort. It was difficult to take the first step in the dreary society that we live in, but as a few months passed, I saw many participants join in, including myself. Currently, more than 80% of the staff receives gifts. This campaign, started on the basis that that we have to love our family before we can love our colleagues, company, and, furthermore, society, shows that Shine is not a company preoccupied with profits. We need to love to be able to forgive and we learn to love in this place, a base for our lives.
Researcher / R&D
Sung-Yong Park
My current position at Jenax is in research and development. This is the first place where I actively stepped into my role as a member of society. It seems like I joined almost yesterday, but a year has already passed. I have gained more experience and learning in the past year working at Jenax than the four years spent at University. Additionally, the basic tasks of production and performance analysis of lithium-ion batteries naturally increased our teamwork and capabilities. Because the work is new each day, it has never felt or become dull. Of course we experience stress when the test results differ from what we want, but we feel a great source of happiness and accomplishment when we overcome obstacles. I have developed many skills thus far and I believe that I will continue to develop my experiences and skills here at Jenax.

The managing director, who leads the R&D department in addition to the staff, all respect and look out for each other which produces a positive working environment . Instead of focusing on faults, the management provides opportunities to solve problems and find solutions to cease the recurrence of problems. And because everyone at Jenax offer smiles in exchange with others, it creates a better work environment. This was a tremendous help in adjusting to my first job.

Every morning, I can smile when I wake. Because I enjoy coming to work. Also, I can smile when I get off work. Because of the sense of accomplishments that day. This is a place that I can smile. I am always thankful because I work at a company where I can always smile. Because today is so great, tomorrow holds even more promise, for Jenax and for myself.
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