To be recognized worldwide as the best company that
provides supercharged energy for everyday life


To be the foremost company providing innovative energy solutions for everyday life


To improve daily life with the next generation of technology and glorify God’s name as we make our environment more sustainable and serve our neighbors


  • Create environmentally-friendly power sources
  • Develop new technologies that will introduce new lifestyle and culture
  • Build and strengthen the company based on Christian values
  • Spread Christian values around the world



    We have faith despite unknown circumstances


    We view hardships and obstacles as opportunities for growth


    We are always thankful
    for what happened in the past,
    what we are experiencing
    at present, and what we will
    encounter in the future

  • LOVE

    We cherish and deeply
    care for those around us


    We strive to become the world’s leading supplier of power solution with our passion and persistence.


Shine Co. changes its name to Jenax Inc.

Year Achievements
1991 Geumnong Metal Co. was established with 100 million KRW capital
1992 Geumnong Metal Co. changes its company name to Shine Metal Co.
1997 Capital increases to 40 billion KRW
1998 Installation of the Seoul Office: Geopyeong Officetel No. 1618, 203-1 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
1999 Relocation of head office from Saengnim-myeon, Gimhae to Jeonpodong, Busan.
2002 Listed on KOSDAQ
2003 Established a subsidiary in China (investment of $9,990,000 USD)
2005 Established research and development center (Institute of Materials)
2013 Capital increases to 10.521 billion KRW
2014 Shine Co. changes its name to Jenax Inc.


Year Achievements
1999 Development of new technology ventures from Small and Medium Business Administration of Kyungnam Province
2000 Winner of the 37th Trade Awards for Exports ($5 million USD prize)
2001 Selected as INNO – BIZ Enterprise by the Small and Medium Business Administration
Selected as an excellent and preferred customer by the Export-Import Bank of Korea
Selected as a family enterprise of the Industrial Bank of Korea
2002 Grand prize recipient of Busan’s Business Venture Awards
2003 The 37th Tax Payer’s Day Citation Award by the Secretary Ministry of Finance
2004 Appointed as Honorary Chief for the Busan Tax Office on the 38th Tax Payer’s Day
Winner of the 41st Trade Awards for Exports ($10 million USD prize)
2006 The 40th Tax Payer’s Day Citation Award by the Busan Regional Tax Office
Recognized as a venture company for new technology
The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy citation
2007 Winner of the 44th Trade Awards for Exports ($20 million USD prize)
Citation by the President of South Korea: recognized as a major contributor of national industrial development through international trade promotion
2014 Incorporated as IP Star Enterprise at Busan Techno Park
2015 Winner of the IP Awards (Busan Metropolitan City Mayor Prize)
2018 Frost & Sullivan 2018 Best Practices Award (Asia Pacific Secondary Battery Technology Innovation Award)




Head Office

10-58 Saengnim-daero 928beon-gil
Saengnim-myeon Gimhae-si Gyeongsangnam-do
50800 South Korea
TEL +82 1899-9800
FAX +82 55-335-8980
LINK Google Maps
head office